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What is a ground power unit (GPU) and is it a good investment?

Ground power units (GPUs) are important pieces of equipment for flight operations. They provide power to a variety of aircraft while they are on the ground and come in many different forms, from small portable boxes to larger truck-based units that are most used to power commercial aircraft after landing. In addition to providing power for maintenance and passenger comfort, Ground power units contribute to the creation of a more laid back atmosphere in which pilots in training can practice and study an aircraft’s avionics before taking to the skies.

Ground power units (GPUs) allow pilots to train to use various aircraft systems, perform updates, and practice procedures and checklists without draining the battery or running the engines, which significantly reduces operating costs and allows them as much time as needed to get familiar with the aircraft and its instruments. This reduces emissions, fuel costs and noise pollution around airports and is a very efficient way to train and perform maintenance functions on an aircraft.